About us

The roots of goes back to the year 2004. Our founder Karl was invited to a porn production set. When the male actor squirted too early and couldn't get an erection anymore, the director called for a dick-double which get off just 3 minutes later. The director had to accepted this so-called performance because he ran out of dick-doubles. Karl immediately noticed that there are two main problems of the male sexuality that needs to be solved:

  • Getting and holding an erection over a longer period of time
  • Prevent premature ejaculation to stroke over a longer period of time

Sure solutions like Viagra were already available since 1998 but they were associated with older men with erectile dysfunction. The idea using these kind of pills in the professional field was quite new and very expensive as well (14$ per Pill). Karl began to educate himself about generic pharmaceuticals and found producers and exporters in India. 4 weeks later he had his first batch of Indian manufactured boner pills in his hands which he sold directly to local male talents. This step was the first one followed by the creation of the online shop where male talents and production companies place their orders till today.

Despite the fact that almost everybody of the Californian adult industry knew and purchased from us, the shop was (and still is) unknown for the public. The wind down of the Californian adult industry in the late 2000s did his own thing to bring down the sales of as well. It was getting better when the adult industry in Florida took over the leadership in the 2010s but Karl already knew that he has to expand to Europe, to move his business forward while the Prague and Budapest located production companies took off.

Today, is still the main supplier of the adult industry and begins to target the retail market as well, which brings up another goal.

  • Improving the relationship of couples by improving the sexual performance of the male part

We hope for the best to achive this new goal as well, stay tuned.