What kind of pharmaceuticals do you sell?
We sell branded and generic boner pills that are widely known by their brand names Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards. If customers pay with cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ether, they receive a discount of 10%.
How long takes the delivery?
Although we have multiple warehouses worldwide, we are not as fast as Amazon. Therefore our delivery takes between 2 and 10 business days depending on where the customer is located.
Your prices tend to be higher than your competitors, right?
Maybe at the first glance but not when you dig little deeper. Our business is based on the best possible customer service that rewards customers loyalty. So, every returning customer receives a 10% discount by default. When a customers pays by crypto, he will receive another discount of 10%. Customers who have a discount code (acquired by special seasonal sales like Christmas, Easter, Halloween or as wholesale-customer), would receive an additional discount of 10-20%. All of these discounts combined could easily reduce the overall price by at least 30%.
Why are your shipping fees so high?
Well, the most expensive part of our business is the logistics with it’s shipping and warehouse costs. To compensate these costs, our customers have to chip in. However you could save your cash even on that side by choosing airmail with insurance. For $15.50 you get decent delivery with a guaranteed replacement or refund if your shipment gets lost. Even these costs are waived for all orders over $200. Our express shipping service is for people who need their delivery in less than 6 business days.
Is the package and the credit card charge designed neutrally?
Yes, the packaging is 100% neutral and discreet, and the sender address does not allow any conclusions about our online shop. The same applies to credit card billing.
Do you sell products by Ajanta Pharma like Kamagra?
Yes, we sell Kamagra as well, click here. We do not sell them over the counter as they are more expensive than their competitors which we prefer to promote and sell.