Subject and Scope

This online shop provides retail and wholesale services under the terms and conditions of the present contract. By placing an order the client agrees to this contract and instructs the online shop to deliver ordered products in exchange for money or digital cryptocurrencies.

Cancellation, Returns and Reviews

As long as a purchase has not been paid for, it can be cancelled by the customer without further ado. Once a purchase is paid, it is not possible to cancel it as the funds have been already deducted off credit-cards or cryptocurrency wallets.

Returns are not possible, as anti-ed-tablets are classified as pharmaceuticals which cannot be returned in general.


Each order will be processed and shipped after the payment was made by the customer. Depending on where the customer is located, we may need to ship domestically or internationally, which will impact delivery times. Domestic shipments can take up to 3 business days while international shipments can take up to 10 business days. Lost deliveries will only be replaced if the customer has chosen shipping insurance when ordering his desired products. When the online shop is unable to replace a shipment, a full refund will take place.

Risks of Infrastructure

The Team behind the online shop does everything to keep it online, so we give an annual average service guarantee of 99%. As hardware failures, outages, network cut-offs or other disturbances could appear at any time, we cannot be held liable for any resulting financial losses.

Privacy and Data Protection

To ensure privacy and data protection, all personal details of a purchase will be deleted after 180 days automatically.

In no case will private information be passed on to third parties. Other data such as IP addresses and cookies are only recorded as long as a customer is logged in, without any further evaluation.

Duration, Termination and Amendments of the Contract

This contract between the online shop and a customer is limited till the order was delivered. For accounting reasons, we are forced to store a customer's personal data for a period of 180 days. After this period, the personal data will be automatically deleted. Changes to this contract are possible at any time, orders that have already been placed and not yet delivered continue to be subject to the previous version of the contract.

04.03.2024 Basseterre St. Kitts & Nevis